Our story, who we are and where we are going..

PrecisionCode.Works the online ECU tuning file platform, is the collective effort of four experienced software and automotive engineers, we assembled in late 2013 to build this online utility. The demands of this project required the use of skills that can only be honed and developed by decades of experience and training. Our development team is unmatched within chip tuning, with each member holding a minimum of 12 year's experience combined with university degrees in their respective fields of expertise.

Our mission is to offer a chip tuning file supply service for any production powertrain, which is faster, more reliable and more cost effective than any other tuning file service. As a result, by the fall of 2016, we have grown to a client database of over 3000 approved users from some 8000 applications supplying more than 1000 calibrations per month and consulting with some the world's largest tuning brands, with the advent of the long-awaited SeQuI platform soon to be released.. The exceptional worldwide growth looks set to continue in 2017-18

The service we provide

Team PCW's mantra is to provide a user friendly and factual solution to a sector that suffers greatly from misguided ignorance. We offer a huge wiki of "how to" trade information combined with qualified engineering support via live chat. Our team has physically tuned 1000's of vehicles on the ground all over the world in the last two decades and we are focused and happy to support tuning professionals who understand and respect the complexities of this field of work.

We focus purely on software provision and support. We do not provide or operate any kind of sales-franchise model, do not not hold self appointed accreditations or offer "learn in a day" seminars to business in a box hopefuls. We do support automatic server encoding of slave CMD flashtec files. As an EU and US official distributor of CMD Flashtec products clearly our priority is entirely focused on professional wholesale support for experienced automotive workshops working on late model vehicles.

Our technology

Our proprietary server technology removes any possibility of error and is live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - no other provider can build files automatically ready to flash.

"SeQuI" - Our analysis technology enables the system to check, update and even repair, third party modified ECU calibration files in real time, performing thousands of table checks in a matter of seconds. Every tuning file with a known package is built by the system with 'precision' to the byte, without the possibility of human error, with the added ability of performing global updates to the latest tested calibration package, providing various levels of tuning and hardware integration. No other service can support this.

Research and development

Our research and development is carried out on chassis dynos, and automotive proving grounds with the advent of the SeQuI platform 2017 will be focused purely, on further calibration development at our dedicated research site for US vehicles.

Contact us

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