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Premium live support, with over 80 years combined chiptuning experience providing unrivaled pricing, speed and calibration outcome management. We support all forms of tuning for passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles and agriculture on all tuning flash tools.

Quality at Scale

In 2013 PCW pioneered the high speed file service, we have the largest tuning dataset anywhere with unique technologies to manage and parse DAMOS. By definition we define and archive data first then tune, no other file service has this level of data investment, no other tuner has their own standalone editor for clients to view and refine work.

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Benefit from access to our real tuning experience from one of the largest and established tuning software providers. Over 30,000 clients use the open and friendly service, our engineers support everything from basic stage tuning all the way to custom work on heavily modified projects when supported by data logs and dyno work.

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Our Products

Our family of products provide full coverage for all the trading sectors of vehicle tuning:

Precision Code Works

Precision Code Works

Live interaction file service platform

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Speed Ministry

Speed Ministry

OLS reseller Platform and mobile app for licenced winOLS users

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ECU tuning editor / diagnostics / data logging

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There are other benefits of utilising the PrecisionCodeWorks ECU Remapping & Tuning Software.

  • wiki


    Access our dedicated knowledge base.

  • dyno

    Dyno database

    Vehicle Dynamometer statists & graphs.

  • protocol

    Protocol lookup

    Engine control unit (ECU) protocol lookup.

  • support


    24/7 file support from our automated calibration system.